MOBILE apps, advertising, social media content creation

MARK. and AVON SOCIAL MEDIA: to capture the attention of our digitally-savvy customer, we used a combination of bold dramatic product photos, BTS live stories and posts featuring celebrities and models, coupled with our playful voice. We used our “beauty haul” idea to show the customization and individuality of looks. For fashion, we focused on our “Instant Vacation” capsule collections to give the customer a “travelogue/ you are there” feeling.


MARK. MOBILE APP: the app contained exclusive content, video how-tos, a Digimarc scanner, and links to shop the site. Society of Publication Designers Mobile App Design Award Winner.
App produced by Melanie McLaughlin.

mobile2 copy.jpg

AVON FASHION MOBILE OUTFIT MIXER SALES REP TOOL WIth the launch of Avon Signature Fashion, Reps needed educational tools to feel comfortable selling and giving fashion advice to cuatomers. This mobile “Outfit Mixer”, was created for each seasonal collection, to show Reps how to mix and match pieces effortlessly.

avonreps.outfit mixer.jpg

AVON SIGNATURE FASHION COLLECTION STORIES The Avon fashion customer was not as “media savvy” as our Mark customer, so we eased her into connecting with Avon’s social media channels. We created fun, beautiful, brand-right Instagram posts and stories highlighting new fashion items and seasonal trends.


LUCKY MAGAZINE SHOPPING APP Lucky was the first magazine to launch an App at Condé Nast, We got quite a bit of press about this app, in the NY Times, and an article about "The Future of Online Shopping" in the Wall Street Journal. See the video below, which launched in taxis all over NYC during fall fashion week.