AVON CONTENT AND HOMEPAGE DESIGN:’s global UI and site guidelines were redesigned in 2014, and adapted in the US, with considerable back-end limitations. We worked around those by updating our home page design, modernizing the messaging, typography and imagery. By making better use of assets we shot for the catalog, including video, and creating “bites” of editorial content, we were able to make the site an engaging experience, and attract new customers who could now shop with or without a Representative.


MARK SITE REDESIGN WITH INTEGRATED SOCIAL MEDIA FEEDS: With a tight budget, and even tighter timeline, the team had the challenge of imagining and creating what the mark. online experience could be. We created a fully integrated destination where the mark. customer became immersed in the "world of mark." For Avon, this was light years ahead of them, and became the benchmark of how to reimagine the sites.
Site UX + design production: Melanie McLaughlin

STYLEOWNER.COM BRANDING, UI, SITE DESIGN: Styleowner was one of the first “social selling” platforms. It took advantage of the exploding street style influencers, coining the term “Style-preneurs.” These influencers curated and even designed there own stores from a vast array of style templates. Then, they shared their stores on social media. If they sold an item, they got a percentage of that sale. It was the beginning of affiliate marketing. Major fashion influencers, like Man Repeller and Keiko Lynn, plus many leading brands joined the site/platform from the outset. The site got a lot of coverage and buzz.


THEKNOT.COM + THENEST.COM: SITE REDESIGN AND SITE BRANDING AND DESIGN. The started as "an alternative to the old-fashioned wedding" website over 20 years ago, and quickly became a major brand, expanding to magazines, books, branded products, even a TV show. The success of The Knot led the owners to think about the entire company as a "lifestage" brand, and soon developed The Nest, for newlyweds. My team brought order and a modern look to the redesigned, ever-expanding Knot site, and we also created The Nest brand and website. The two brands had to live together, but be distinctive enough to speak to their particular "lifestage."

nest homepage3.jpg
nest page2.jpg

GLAMOURPUSS NYC FASHION SITE UI + DESIGN: CREATIVE DIRECTION, UI, AND DESIGN. Glamourpuss is a New York-based fashion brand run by two well-known "socialites." They design jewelry, kaftans, and items that appeal to an UES clientele. I developed their e-comm site to showcase and organize each collection, and portray the "Glamourpuss" lifestyle.

LUCKY MAGAZINE NYC BOUTIQUE CRAWL SITE DESIGN:  One of Lucky Magazine's big shopping events—a night of shopping, drinking and all kinds of fun along Bleecker Street. The website included all the information shoppers would need for the night: a downloadable map, coupons, special event listings, and where to get great deals, cocktails and treats.


AVON EMAIL MARKETING TEMPLATE DESIGN/CONTENT: The company did not have a cohesive strategy, or templates for marketing emails. It was clear that we needed to create content concepts, and design templates that could work across different categories—from beauty, to fashion, to home, for greater efficiency and a branded look. The updates added a more editorial feel, which was immediately embraced by consumers, and increased click-through rates.