XO Group: THEKNOT.COM, THENEST.COM, GreatBoyfriends.com

The Knot started as an alternative to the traditional wedding website, and quickly became a name brand, expanding to magazines, books, ecards, products like wedding favors, even a TV show. The success of The Knot led the owners to think about the entire company as a "lifestage" brand, and soon developed The Nest, for newlyweds, and GreatBoyfriends.com, a dating site. I redesigned the Knot Weddings magazine and brought order and modern look to the ever-expanding site.


The Nest was the destination for newlyweds. The site gave them the tools they needed to start a life together: budgets, decorating ideas, and a place to share pictures and tips with other newlyweds. I created the overall identity, site design, and a splashy new magazine. We then expanded to a Newlywed Handbook, Ecards to send to friends and family, and even a brand new American Express Card!


GreatBoyfriends soon followed, in collaboration with E. Jean Carroll of Elle magazine, for those who were "still looking." The idea was that everyone knew “ a great guy who was still single.” The site was a trusted matchmaker, where membership was vetted, and people would vouch for each other.